One of the beauties of YL products is the potency. Dilution is an available and recommended option for many products.

Here are two examples of how I dilute.

I dilute all shower gels, hand soaps, and facial washes, 1 part product to 3 parts water,  in foaming pumps. This is a highly effective consistency for my family and an incredible value.

Next, oils can be infused into a larger batch of carrier oil for easier application.

Here is an example of a facial serum that I mix up. It is almond oil and about 5 drops of each oil shown. This is perfect for my face this season. Next month, might be different, due to weather, diet, hormones, etc… So, the ability to easily change my blend a new batch, to meet my skincare needs is a great benefit.

There are great recipe books available. The Chemical Free Home by Melissa Poepping is my favorite.  However, learning to listen to your body, researching the benefits of certain oils, and developing what works for you and your design is a lot of fun too!

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