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Why Young Living?

I started a healthier journey in February of 2011 and although I had no idea where this journey would take me, I can tell you I am pretty pleased. I started using Young Living to change my health. This quickly evolved into watching the lives of our family, friends, and now even strangers’ lives improve. I have found healing, encouragement, education, and newly the blessing of added financial security with Young Living.

The company’s mission statement includes Wellness, Purpose, and Abundance and I can tell you, that is exactly how it entered my life- one phase at a time. I did not ever think I would be part of an MLM, would host classes, or sell anything. But clearly, God had bigger plans for the knowledge I have gained. I am grateful for each and every person I have the privilege to share this new way of life with and I get chills every time I hear reports of oily miracles! And it is equally as rewarding to know, that people are learning the value of living in a chemical free home.

Summer 2014, I traveled to Utah to see the Young Living headquarters, leaders, farms, and founder- Gary Young. I realize this sounds a little goofy, but I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that I have been changed by this opportunity. This trip added first-hand knowledge to my research about YL purity and standards. I saw the Seed to Seal process and put my hands in the YL farm soil. The land is incredibly beautiful and worth seeing, if only for this reason. In addition, I connected with other people passionate about seeing a cleaner, healthier world. It is an amazing thing when you find your tribe and another way to serve others all in one place!

St. Marie’s Farm, Idaho with Gary Young 2015

Generate Income with Young Living

I honestly didn’t think business building was something that I wanted to do. Yes, referral checks were nice from time to time, but I never imagined it becoming a substantial income. Yet, it has.

How does this happen? It’s not a piece of gluten-free cake, but it was organic to my design. I like sharing good things with people. I am a teacher at heart. I love Young Living oils and would buy them and share them, even if I was not getting paid to do so. Finally, I found a community that takes personal development, philanthropy, and education seriously, and makes a fun adventure out it.

Young Living is a multilevel marketing company. What does that mean? Well for Young Living, it means our founder Gary Young, decided that the best way to get these amazing essential oils and products into the hands of consumers, is by the hands and teaching of other consumers who use and love them. Using essential oils and understanding the importance of living a chemical free lifestyle takes some learning, and having a community you can learn from, just makes sense. So, Young Living compensates consumers for sharing their products. 

I have traveled more since working with Young Living than ever before. I love this! I would have never imagined myself spending my summer vacation time in Utah or Idaho, but because the company paid for me to go, I did. During the retreats, I visited YL farms, met other crazy oilers like myself, went river rafting for the first time, and was amazed by the beauty of an area, I probably would have never seen, if not for this opportunity.

In addition to the organization trips, my YL income has made it possible for my family to take a family vacation the last 3 years debt free. We’ve spent a week in a beach house, a week at Disney, and a week in Chicago. What’s more, we have been able to live more comfortably financially the rest of the year too. And because of the knowledge we have about supporting our bodies with essential oils, we have also enjoyed these years with improved wellness.

I also had the opportunity to go to an Oola Conference and work out what a balance life looks like for me and my family. This has changed how I see and approach life and has made everything I do better. Although Oola is not solely affiliated with YL, my team encouraged and paid for me to attend. Living well and on purpose is a lifestyle that is well supported by my Young Living community.

Like the oils, I get to share the business aspect of Young Living too. It is really a great opportunity to see people begin a journey to wellness while earning money and building dreams, simply because you took the time to show them how to do so. The community with whom I have the privilege to work alongside helped me get where I am through guidance, instruction, and support. I believe that we are all committed to serving others first and constantly do the work to grow, learn, and be led by our Creator, to do what He has called us to do for others through this company.

If you’re wondering how to get started, contact me. Another great opportunity to learn about all of the amazing aspects of Young Living is to attend the international convention in June. This is one of those educational adventures I told you about and you will not be sorry! This organization has been life-changing. I’d love to share it with you!

With Young Living, you really do have the opportunity to live better! Join us.

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