Ok it’s confession time. 

I am a YL oiler but I am also human. I eat Hot Cheetos and fast food from time to time. I sometimes drink wine, eat chocolate, and consume too much dairy, gluten, red meat, coffee, and sugar- the shame!

More often than not, I do my best, to feed my family and myself real food, well sourced and local when available; but I have several lingering questionable habits from my college days of working at the bar and eating dinner out of the garnish tray or off the appetizer menu. 

Overall, I’m a healthy woman over 40. 

So, how do I get away with all of these nutritional no-nos? Simple. Moderation, intentional movement, and supplements to help cleanse and support my body.

My favorites? Here’s my shopping list:

  1. Ningxia Red- super antioxidant drink that gives me the perfect amount of energy and immune system support. 
  2. Super B- energy, mood and immune system support. 
  3. Longevity- antioxidant; flushes out the wine and bad food choices, while supporting the immune system.
  4. Omegagize- the highest quality fish oil I can buy. Brain, skin, hair, and joint support. 
  5. And many, many bottles of Young Living essential oils for my skin, immune system, sports injuries, and mood/sleep support. 
  6. Life 5- excellent quality probiotic; keeps my stomach happy and supports my immune system.
  7. Protein Complete shakes to start every day right!

As you probably noticed, my systems are super supported! This is good news. Working two jobs and raising a family takes lots of energy, stamina, and a strong immune system. My YL supplements keep me supported and happy. My family benefits from the extra support too!

Give yourself a little grace, good food, and YL supplements.


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