Atomic Ranch Yoga

This month, a dream came true.

In January 2016, I said, out loud, that I would be adding yoga, to Wander in Harmony, this September. It was not a thought out business plan. There was no money or financial backing established. I simply said to a loved one, “I think in September, I will launch some yoga.”

The where, the when, the how much, was not available. Only the idea was birthed. I prayed on it. The only way you can pray for a dream that isn’t, by the brain’s definition, a worthy cause. It sounded something like this, “God, I would like a yoga center. Is that something I can have?”

I had to ask, because by my heart’s definition, yoga brings quiet, rest, and, by literal definition, connection. It’s a retreat in practice and a gift when available. It’s the intentional movement that keeps my body, soul, mind, and relationships, healthy.

I’ve taught in various spaces. Each space invited a season for sharing my practice with others. Each precious to me. This September, I wanted to establish a space in Saginaw (also home for me) that would offer yoga, a place with some roots to grow, so I could share the benefits yoga provides for me, with others.

My timid prayer brought a new friend, yogi, and dreamer, into my life. Jen Flippo, a complete stranger to me until June 2016, invited me to teach at her dream for a home yoga studio, to begin, this September 2016. Yes, really!!! I couldn’t hardly believe it. But after only a few hours of conversation, it happened.

On September 13th Atomic Ranch Yoga opened and offered not one but two classes- both beautifully filled with wall to wall mats and yogis.

I am beyond grateful for Jen, this space, and the opportunity. I learned that it’s okay to dream and to ask for dreams. The answer might be no or wait. But when the time is right, the answer may very well be yes!

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