Aroma Freedom

I have been in the counseling/coaching/educational field for nearly two decades. Our primary focus? Getting young people to grow and see their full potential.

This right here, is another missing link my friends.
I have known for years that oils have the ability to “support” emotions, but this is a whole new ballgame.
Here is the short of it:

Our memories are tied to thoughts, and our thoughts are tied to emotions, and our emotions are tied to our physical body systems.

Good emotions create dopamine and serotonin and create a sense of calm and wellness, but bad emotions create stress and a release of cortisol or adrenaline by our bodies, which in excess, makes for unhealthy conditions.

We have 30k thoughts a day, but only consciously respond to 10% of those.

This means 90% of our thoughts are unconscious yet still affecting our emotions and body systems!

This method here will help you bring those thoughts to the surface. I found several thoughts buried deep, that I had no idea were impacting my daily life.

Just for the record, these were not huge devastating memories but moments where I was fed a lie and believed it- even though it was not true, it still lingers! (Individual experiences will vary.)

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to be set free from useless thoughts that are cluttering up your ability to be your best self!

This is not hippy dippy nonsense. The brain is explained and the process too. It is simple, strategic, and much like journaling but much more effective- oh and oily!

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