Dream Big, Even If

Dream BIG! Let the life you live be a life you love…. was the beginning of my message today and then,

See, I have these posts in mind a day prior to posting. This morning, as set out to post, I saw that there was another mass shooting in Las Vegas. My heart sank and is breaking for this country, our world, our people. Then, God reminded me that it’s His courage we hold in our hearts on days like today.

The only person in the world I have any hope of controlling is myself. With that truth and His courage, I cannot not step forward in my life and pursue my dreams. It’s a drop of goodness that I want to give the world. It’s a speck. It’s my contribution, my light, and I am going to keep shining it, even on dark days.

I wonder if you will join me? Shine your light. Live a life you love for the benefit of this world. Make a difference. Be the difference.

#bewell #livewell #lovewell #prayingforVegas #prayingfortheworld #beofgoodcourage

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