Let your light shine.

The morning after the largest shooting in U.S. History, I can’t help but take a moment to think. Yogis speak of meditation. Mindfulness is a popular concept. For me, thinking is my jam.

A warm cup of coffee and quiet space is all I need to put the world back in order. With my dog at my feet, I feel loved. I pray over my people who are out in this scary world and remember that their contributions matter.

Am I afraid? Absolutely. Am I heartbroken by the violence? Undoubtedly. Yet, today in my silence, I am reminded that for every brokenhearted person, for every tear, prayer, breathless moment, sleepless night, angst in chest, and grieving soul; there is also hope. For every person who cannot fathom the despair and actions of Stephen Paddock and is harmed by the thought of this senseless act, is sense. There is truth and light in every person who doesn’t get it and there lies hope.

This may seem like an optimists’ post gone overboard, but my drop of hope is worth sharing. Light shared by others makes the world not dark. Light is powerful. For every one of us, who takes a moment, during this time of grieving, to think, write thoughts, teach children, and ache to make a difference, there is light.

The sun came up yesterday and today, and I am believing for tomorrow. We all have a chance to go forward and share our light. Smile, forgive, extend grace, be willing to see the best in others, write that thought, say that prayer, share something good, eat something delicious, take a walk, send a gift, volunteer, lift someone up, encourage, be present, love fiercly, and live well. Your contributions matter.

Together our light breaks the darkness.

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