Merry Mindfulness

It’s here! The time of year that is filled with twinkle lights and magic is upon us.

But, have you noticed? Or does it feel like a high speed race that may or may not end “after the holidays”? Listen, the reason I can I ask this question, is because I’m asking myself the same thing right this very minute.

See tonight, I will be teaching a class on Mindfulness. Us yoga teachers and counselors do these types of things for the purpose of extending wellness in our communities. The thing is, even we (well I) don’t do enough of it either.

So much to buy and do and people to see and celebrate; and these things are fine.

Still, too much and when there’s not enough time to recover, will inevitably cause stress. As we know, stress causes dis-ease, weight gain, insomnia, and hormonal haywire. Top it off with poorly planned buying and eating, and January turns into Rehab for Holiday Recovery.

Can anyone relate?

So, let’s just take a minute.

Let’s stop.

Take a deep breath.

And again.

If they are near by, sniff an oil or two. If not, oxygen is good all on its own.

Stay there awhile and just breathe.

Notice the needs of your tired body. Be grateful for the characteristics of health within you and nourish them both with every intentional breath.

Breathe deeply until you are READY to move on from this space.

Experience, in your mind, whatever you wish. Gratitude, joy, grief, sorrow, acceptance, forgiveness, release, rest…

and exhale.

Let it go.

Be still and know it will all be just fine.

Come back anytime this season. Find this space with your breath, slow down, and give yourself the gift of the present!

Live well.

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