Great Expectation

This Christmas morning, as we head out on a 9-hour drive home, the temptation to be disappointed creeps around us. After all, everyone else is sitting in pajamas and opening gifts with messy hair and breakfast (inspired by Pinterest) in the oven.

Instead, here I sit- shotgun, Starbucks in the cup holder, kids crammed in the backseat, dog in the way back, and luggage all around us. My mind cycles:

Did I pack everything?

Should we have left earlier?

Why did I eat that last cookie?

With a deep breath, exhale, and a sip of warm coffee I settle, and I am reminded that the truth of Christmas is expectation not expectations.

Expectations tend to breed disappointment. Instead, Christmas is the fulfillment of the expectation. It is the birth of a baby and the receiving of that baby by a waiting world in desperate need of hope.

If I am anxious, then my eyes are on the wrong things. This season is not about creating the best Christmas ever, because that already happened. It happened in a manger at the hands of two weary parents trying to do their best and who probably struggled with disappointment that night too.

Still, God knew exactly how their story would go. Jesus was born, and the world rejoiced.

Today is no different from that manger scene in our minds. God’s got this!

Jesus was born; we can rejoice!

God knows exactly what we need. It can be found around a tree in pajamas, in a car filled with family, on a cold street, a tropical island, at work, on vacation, at church, alone or surrounded, and in the hearts of every one of us.

Wherever you are today, whatever your circumstances, I pray you know how incredibly loved you are. Today, Jesus was born for you, so that you might experience the freedom to love with courage, live with expectation, and be filled with peace and joy regardless of circumstance.

May the love and light of His glory fill your hearts today and always.

Merry Christmas!

Be well. 💛

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