A Guest Post by Jamie Gerard, Young Living Executive Leader


Hello Oily Family! I am Jamie Gerard. I am an Executive Leader with Young Living Essential Oils who is working hard to change people’s lives and reach the rank of Silver in 2018.

I live in the suburbs of Denver, CO. I am from Madison, WI and I am in my 14th year of teaching. I currently teach 8th grade Math and coach basketball and track coach.

The most important thing to me in the world is my family! I am a wife to my amazing husband Peter and a mom to a wonderful little 4-year-old Brayden. My free time is limited, but I spend as much of it with my boys as possible as the years seem to be flying by. We enjoy being outside, cooking, riding bikes, and just being together. Brayden is involved with swimming and soccer and I absolutely love spending time watching him grow into quite the little athlete. The rest of my free time, I spend educating others on oils and helping to change the way we live in our country.

For me, the transformation to a healthier, more organic lifestyle began when I became pregnant in 2012 with my son Brayden. I started to think about all the bright colored, crazy chemical filled products in our house that are considered “safe” by our standards in America, and realized I did not want them anywhere near my child!

The average person is inundated with hundreds of toxins/chemicals everyday! Our goal was to eliminate as many as we could for our son. We decided to go 100% organic with his food once he was old enough to eat, but we also decided to start cleaning our home with vinegar/water and using only more natural choices for his body wash, shampoo, dish soap, laundry detergent, etc.

At 14 months we had to put our son in daycare. I was still breastfeeding, we had eliminated many toxins and chemicals, and we were feeding him mostly organic, healthy food, limiting his sugar, and yet when he began daycare it was horrible! Brayden became sick often. I wanted to quit my job and put him in a bubble. I imagine many of you working mothers out there can relate to this.

Several friends reached out to me about essential oils. I didn’t even know what an essential oil was! But finally, in the summer of 2015 after a terrible first year in daycare, I decided to do some research. Through my research I decided I wanted to give essential oils a try. I also decided that Young Living was the company I wanted to go with , and soon purchased a dewdrop diffuser and a bottle of Thieves oil.

When school started in August of 2015, I was diffusing Thieves 3 times per day. The changes that occurred in the next few months in our health and wellness were almost unbelievable.

Next, I purchased a bottle of Present Time – an oil designed to support my ability to stay in the moment and not focus on the past or future. Again, this oil was life changing! That’s when I knew I needed more oils in my life!

In November of 2015, I bought the YL Premium Starter Kit with wholesale membership. It was the absolute best decision I have ever made – besides marrying my husband and having my son! I only wish I had done it sooner!!

As I began using more and more oils and oil infused products, I knew I wanted to share these life-changers with EVERY one I possibly could!

I find great joy in helping people get healthier with Young Living’s oils and wellness solutions. Prior to Young Living, my family and I were not well – despite living what most would consider a very healthy lifestyle. It was a battle that I never want to experience again.

My goal is to help everyone to not have to go through this struggle themselves. You can live above the wellness line and essential oils from Young Living can help you!

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