June Promos!

It’s June and these promos are HOT!!!!

Take a look.

Free with your monthly ER purchase of

100 PV is a bottle of Orange Vitality. Perfect for hot tea and great on your toothbrush with Thieves toothpaste for a whiter smile!

190 PV

Cypress- supports healthy circulation, promotes calm and stable moods, and supports respiratory system, and keeps the immune system in tip-top shape.

With any order ER or Quick Orders too:

190 PV

Citronella- ingredient in the YL big repellent. Fresh and clean and perfect for summer nights.

250 PV

Lavender- All the things! Sleep, skin, calm, hormonal support, seasonal supper, respiratory support, circulatory Support, to name a few.

Lemongrass- supports healthy cholesterol levels, soft tissue and muscles love this oils, and it freshens the air. Lemongrass a the main ingredient in Purification.

300 PV

M-Grain- avoid occasional nausea or headaches due to stress with this incredible blend.


Roman Chamomile- is the king of emotional support. Calming, soothing, balancing, and smells divine! Clears the mind and supports the neurological system. AND it’s back in stock after a long absence!!!!

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