My Tribe

Confession: I am not much of a fan girl, but this guy, I will wait in a line to get my picture taken with him whenever I get the opportunity (and Tom Fraire happily takes the photo 😊).

I met Ed Dailey at Gold Retreat when he was not “such a big deal” no lines, just yoga on the rooftop of the hotel at sunrise with about four others. Since then, I’ve continue to follow and be inspired by his messages and teaching on wellness and nutrition on social media.

He is recovered from cancer. He did this by living better, meditating, eating well, supplementing, surrounding himself with the right people, and moving intentionally.

He is an RN, RNPA, and an RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) and a YL Ambassador.

What stands out most for me about Ed Dailey is his passion for humanity. He stated, from the stage, that it pains him to see the condition and health of humanity. He challenged us all to care deeply for one another for the benefit of a healthier world.

Unexpectedly, while waiting in line to have this picture taken, a woman near the back of the room began choking. Another woman alerted him to the situation and he ran to assist. She was already being assisted by another and was fine shortly after. However, he responded. He never paused. He just ran towards the stranger, left a line of fan people, to assist. Once the crisis was averted, he took a few deep breaths, loosened his tie, and returned to meet with us.

The first person to respond didn’t hesitate either. I am unsure whether that person was a medical professional or just a caring person who knew or successfully faked the Heimlich Maneuver.

The choking woman was fine. Startled but cared for and fine.

It’s during those critical moments that you see authentic goodness and the willingness of people to serve others. Mr. Daily and the anonymous YL Member are just two of many amazing servants of humanity at Young Living.

YL Corporate and Ambassasors are comprised of generally unique, God-honoring, people-loving, wellness geniuses, and the members are the most friendly and supportive group of people I have ever experienced. I am honored to call this my company and regularly humbled by its impact on the world.

I spent an incredible week learning, soaking up knowledge, and taking copious notes to share with you! I am deeply impacted by this week and the unique opportunity it is to be part of this organization and its people.

As YL Oilers, we do life together. We handle the hard. We take deep breaths, straighten up, and lean back into the struggle of life and re-connect. Journeys are better when accompanied by the right warriors!

Thank you for being part of this oily tribe! 💛

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