A series: Running Lessons- Day 1

When I share my love for running with others, there are generally some who respond with a curiosity about my sanity, and then, there are some who get it.

Hear me, I love both respondents. Yet, it is the ones who understand the joys of sweating, hurting, and forcing the body and mind to near death experiences, on purpose, that are forever my people.

See, I know that those people, the runners, have first hand knowledge of the clarity of mind that comes at mile two and the bargaining that begins at the end of three, six, and again at nine. They know the patience, self-control, and tolerance that can exist while running, and how those skills support the rest of the day.

For me, running lessons have changed the way I live. In this next blog series, I want to share some of this and I hope, if you’re a runner, I will see a “me too” in the comments.

Share your lessons. I want to know what you learn out there. I hope to cultivate some connections and maybe even some accountability between people who learn things on the road through the intentional act of putting one foot in front of the other for the sake of a new t-shirt.

Full disclosure: I have been slacking off on my running this past year. Consequently, other parts of my life have suffered too. Weight and stress management for two, but more concerning are stifled idea-making, problem-solving, and creativity. My sleep has also taken a hit.

Most concerning? Not hearing from God. While running, I can’t get distracted, multitask, take a call, or respond to a child. Instead, I am more open to listen. I miss this most.

With that, today I began training for a half marathon in 12 weeks. It was a hot and slow run, but it is done.

Today’s lesson: Not every run will be noticeably life-altering. Do it anyway, because they really are.

With that, I am one day closer to my goal and chipping away at my excuse pile. Join me?

This gift was in my mailbox when I returned from my run today. Perhaps!

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