Running Lessons- Less is more?

Yesterday was a short run. Fun, not too difficult, and quick. I know it did it’s part for increasing my metabolism based on the intense hunger that followed too.

I did my best to stay on a healthy eating plan. Here’s the thing, I struggle when I don’t have a food plan. I know eliminating food groups is a bit extreme and generally is not maintainable based on my many failed attempts at becoming vegan, vegetarian, paleo, keto, a blood-type dieter, etc…

Still, when I am able to eat anything, no foods eliminated, I struggle with weight management. Less food options, means less to work through in my head when I’m hungry or hangry for that matter.

Oh and God love the 21 Day Fixes and Whole 30s, that provide results and then frustration. Remember my struggle with temperance and consistency ?

So, struggles in mind, I have been working on sustaining a Paleo meal plan with more plants than protein. I feel best when grain-free, and too much protein is not good on my system either. I’ve done pretty well for the last three days.

Then, about 9:30 pm last night Skinny Pop and dairy-free Halo Top beckoned my attention. Not paleo. I guess the good news is it wasn’t chips and Dairy Queen?

The struggle is real. I love to eat!

I think it might be time for some Aroma Freedom to retrain my brain. Stay tuned.

How do you stay fueled without fattening up when training?

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