Running Lessons- On the mat

Today was cross-training day. Heated yoga stretched me out and strengthened my body and mind.

This teacher was incredible.

I have been a yoga teacher for several years now. Still, my personal practice is always incredibly challenging. See, as a teacher, I lead. I’m in control. When I’m led in yoga, I am challenged to submit to another’s leading and grow every single time.

Fun Fact- The brain requires new content, discomfort, adaptation, challenges, good food habits, and healthy living for improved neuroplasticity.


You might be wondering what Running Lessons I learned on my mat today? Well, I learned more about my inability to live with temperance and consistency. Just like on my mat, as a runner, I start off too fast. I also, don’t practice regularly and then when I do act as if I have been.


With every movement in this practice, I encounter a need for balance, breath, effort, rest, submission, humility and water- Running Lessons.

Who else loves yoga and all it has to teach us about living well?

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