Wander in Harmony is a community where people can join together and live well. It began as a personal dream for a place where people could go to find rest, healing, growth, and wellness. The idea came when I found myself sick, tired, hurting, and longing for a place, like the one I’ve described. It sounded something like, “I wish I had a place to go, where I could just feel better.” I didn’t know it then, but God heard those desires.

I did not grow up with the best life habits. I didn’t have an understanding of nutrition or the impacts of toxins on my health. Following too many years of the wrong foods, little intentional movement, three babies, and too much stress, I hit my wall.

The dream of a place for me to recover turned into a Google search in 2011. In this search, I found many sites with “holistic” wellness. New to this term, I made a few phone calls and found a Chinese medicine doctor who invited me to her clinic, taught me about nutrition, acupuncture, and the toxic overload caused by my superfluous medications and environmental exposure to everyday chemicals. In a matter of weeks, I started to detox, feel stronger, and more able; and in a month, others started to notice my improvements too.

Soon after, I learned about Young Living Essential Oils and how to use them instead of chemical cleaners, beauty products, and to support my body and mind, to avoid the need for the medications that were wreaking havoc on my sanity and overall health. Before this, I thought essential oils were merely for making the house smell nice, which they absolutely do! Today, essential oils and essential oil-infused products fill our home with items that are life-giving, effective, and affordable.

Intentional Movement came soon after I began feeling better. Yoga was my choice due to my still recovering body. I found tremendous healing and freedom on my mat. It wasn’t long after, I started education to become a yoga teacher myself. Today, I have been teaching since 2012. Sharing this practice with others is a gift that keeps me grounded and focused on what really matters in this hectic world.

Professionally, I’ve worked as a public school counselor and coach throughout my life and this journey. As I healed and learned about the tools available to help us all become the best versions of ourselves, and I became more intentional in my professional development too. I am a certified Gallup Strengths Coach, a licensed professional counselor, and a wellness educator. I enjoy helping others create a life they love.

I am currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Counseling & Counselor Education. I am eager to learn more to better serve my clients and ultimately teach young counselors to care for themselves and about the practice of intentional wellness.

My dream for a physical space for healing and overall wellness may not yet exist. Yet, I have found many avenues for personal growth and thankfully an overall wellness practice. God has his hand in every aspect of this journey. I point to Him here, so you know where the power of my life’s story really lies.

Franchesca Fraire, LPC, RYT 200, M.Ed. in Counseling, Gold Educator with Young Living, & Gallup Certified Strengths Coach