All Who Wander

Just a little about the content of this site…

First off, I must warn you that I do not have anything 100% figured out and honestly that is why I write. Words, places, my people, food, animals, music, wellness, yoga, running, puppies big or small, and sunrises, are generally my greatest joys, yet all still fall far behind discovering the peace of God in the crux of life’s struggles. Through wandering, I have found a place in my journey, after much struggle, where I can live and love well.

The parts to this life that I believe have made all the difference are my faith, the right food, the right company, purposeful movement, and intentional living. Holistic wellness also means good choices, great community, and clean environments- free of toxicity of any kind.

Here you will find information on the pieces of wellness I have experienced. These pieces continue to make a big difference in my life and the lives of my family. I hope by sharing, others might find encouragement, heatlh, and hope, in the One who makes all things new.

Live well.