Great Expectation

This Christmas morning, as we head out on a 9-hour drive home, the temptation to be disappointed creeps around us. After all, everyone else is sitting in pajamas and opening gifts with messy hair and breakfast (inspired by Pinterest) in the oven.

Instead, here I sit- shotgun, Starbucks in the cup holder, kids crammed in the backseat, dog in the way back, and luggage all around us. My mind cycles:

Did I pack everything?

Should we have left earlier?

Why did I eat that last cookie?

With a deep breath, exhale, and a sip of warm coffee I settle, and I am reminded that the truth of Christmas is expectation not expectations.

Expectations tend to breed disappointment. Instead, Christmas is the fulfillment of the expectation. It is the birth of a baby and the receiving of that baby by a waiting world in desperate need of hope.

If I am anxious, then my eyes are on the wrong things. This season is not about creating the best Christmas ever, because that already happened. It happened in a manger at the hands of two weary parents trying to do their best and who probably struggled with disappointment that night too.

Still, God knew exactly how their story would go. Jesus was born, and the world rejoiced.

Today is no different from that manger scene in our minds. God’s got this!

Jesus was born; we can rejoice!

God knows exactly what we need. It can be found around a tree in pajamas, in a car filled with family, on a cold street, a tropical island, at work, on vacation, at church, alone or surrounded, and in the hearts of every one of us.

Wherever you are today, whatever your circumstances, I pray you know how incredibly loved you are. Today, Jesus was born for you, so that you might experience the freedom to love with courage, live with expectation, and be filled with peace and joy regardless of circumstance.

May the love and light of His glory fill your hearts today and always.

Merry Christmas!

Be well. 💛

Merry Mindfulness

It’s here! The time of year that is filled with twinkle lights and magic is upon us.

But, have you noticed? Or does it feel like a high speed race that may or may not end “after the holidays”? Listen, the reason I can I ask this question, is because I’m asking myself the same thing right this very minute.

See tonight, I will be teaching a class on Mindfulness. Us yoga teachers and counselors do these types of things for the purpose of extending wellness in our communities. The thing is, even we (well I) don’t do enough of it either.

So much to buy and do and people to see and celebrate; and these things are fine.

Still, too much and when there’s not enough time to recover, will inevitably cause stress. As we know, stress causes dis-ease, weight gain, insomnia, and hormonal haywire. Top it off with poorly planned buying and eating, and January turns into Rehab for Holiday Recovery.

Can anyone relate?

So, let’s just take a minute.

Let’s stop.

Take a deep breath.

And again.

If they are near by, sniff an oil or two. If not, oxygen is good all on its own.

Stay there awhile and just breathe.

Notice the needs of your tired body. Be grateful for the characteristics of health within you and nourish them both with every intentional breath.

Breathe deeply until you are READY to move on from this space.

Experience, in your mind, whatever you wish. Gratitude, joy, grief, sorrow, acceptance, forgiveness, release, rest…

and exhale.

Let it go.

Be still and know it will all be just fine.

Come back anytime this season. Find this space with your breath, slow down, and give yourself the gift of the present!

Live well.

Let your light shine.

The morning after the largest shooting in U.S. History, I can’t help but take a moment to think. Yogis speak of meditation. Mindfulness is a popular concept. For me, thinking is my jam.

A warm cup of coffee and quiet space is all I need to put the world back in order. With my dog at my feet, I feel loved. I pray over my people who are out in this scary world and remember that their contributions matter.

Am I afraid? Absolutely. Am I heartbroken by the violence? Undoubtedly. Yet, today in my silence, I am reminded that for every brokenhearted person, for every tear, prayer, breathless moment, sleepless night, angst in chest, and grieving soul; there is also hope. For every person who cannot fathom the despair and actions of Stephen Paddock and is harmed by the thought of this senseless act, is sense. There is truth and light in every person who doesn’t get it and there lies hope.

This may seem like an optimists’ post gone overboard, but my drop of hope is worth sharing. Light shared by others makes the world not dark. Light is powerful. For every one of us, who takes a moment, during this time of grieving, to think, write thoughts, teach children, and ache to make a difference, there is light.

The sun came up yesterday and today, and I am believing for tomorrow. We all have a chance to go forward and share our light. Smile, forgive, extend grace, be willing to see the best in others, write that thought, say that prayer, share something good, eat something delicious, take a walk, send a gift, volunteer, lift someone up, encourage, be present, love fiercly, and live well. Your contributions matter.

Together our light breaks the darkness.

Dream Big, Even If

Dream BIG! Let the life you live be a life you love…. was the beginning of my message today and then,

See, I have these posts in mind a day prior to posting. This morning, as set out to post, I saw that there was another mass shooting in Las Vegas. My heart sank and is breaking for this country, our world, our people. Then, God reminded me that it’s His courage we hold in our hearts on days like today.

The only person in the world I have any hope of controlling is myself. With that truth and His courage, I cannot not step forward in my life and pursue my dreams. It’s a drop of goodness that I want to give the world. It’s a speck. It’s my contribution, my light, and I am going to keep shining it, even on dark days.

I wonder if you will join me? Shine your light. Live a life you love for the benefit of this world. Make a difference. Be the difference.

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Grateful in all things…

Gratitude & Humility are both Oola Accelerators.

When your oola needs some momentum, check in with yourself. Have you been grateful in all things? Have you had a teachable spirit so that you might find the joy in journey? It is sometimes tempting to get stuck in the details of life rather than sailing in the purpose, but that never goes well for very long.

Today, step back, take a look at you life through the lenses of gratitude and humility. What you see might take your breath away.

Live well!

Need more balance in your life?

Join me for this 40 minute video and I will teach you all about the Infused 7 Oils! These oils will support you as you read through the Oola Find Balance in an Unbalanced World book, set goals for your life, and see life change! I would love to know how your Oola journey is going. So, please comment here and share your stories! Be well.

Oola Find Balance in an Unbalanced World

Why are you amazing?

This is at the core of my why. The Gallup Strengths Finder Assessment identifies one of my top 5 talent themes as Restorative. Meaning, I like to fix things! As a younger, less developed person, this talent looked more like manic perfectionism and bossy opinion blasting.

But God. But God, in His love for me, grew and is growing this unique trait into something that propels me forward to love on others and identify with their brokenness. I’m not afraid to look at the difficult things in life and walk through them with my fellow wanderers. This is how I was uniquely designed to love God and love others.

What are your talents? Why are you amazing today? Wondering what your Strengths might be? I’d love to help you discover them!