Running Lessons- Less is more?

Yesterday was a short run. Fun, not too difficult, and quick. I know it did it’s part for increasing my metabolism based on the intense hunger that followed too.

I did my best to stay on a healthy eating plan. Here’s the thing, I struggle when I don’t have a food plan. I know eliminating food groups is a bit extreme and generally is not maintainable based on my many failed attempts at becoming vegan, vegetarian, paleo, keto, a blood-type dieter, etc…

Still, when I am able to eat anything, no foods eliminated, I struggle with weight management. Less food options, means less to work through in my head when I’m hungry or hangry for that matter.

Oh and God love the 21 Day Fixes and Whole 30s, that provide results and then frustration. Remember my struggle with temperance and consistency ?

So, struggles in mind, I have been working on sustaining a Paleo meal plan with more plants than protein. I feel best when grain-free, and too much protein is not good on my system either. I’ve done pretty well for the last three days.

Then, about 9:30 pm last night Skinny Pop and dairy-free Halo Top beckoned my attention. Not paleo. I guess the good news is it wasn’t chips and Dairy Queen?

The struggle is real. I love to eat!

I think it might be time for some Aroma Freedom to retrain my brain. Stay tuned.

How do you stay fueled without fattening up when training?

Running Lessons- Fear is a Liar

The alarm went off at 5:45 am to signal our first weekday early morning training run.


Immediately, the psychological immune system kicked into high gear and reminded me of every scary thing that might occur if I proceeded with this run.

Wild dogs.



An then,

It’s still dark.

You can run later.

Where are you shoes anyway?

Maybe you need more rest…

Here’s the thing, I have run in this neighborhood (a suburb in a farming community) for over 5 years. And, I am still here to tell about it.

Well-meaning, the psychological immune system is meant to keep us safe. It has real value when real danger is present. Still, mine can be a bit neurotic at times. It’s a struggle and action is the only cure.

Up, oiled, and out the door I went. And nope, I didn’t die!

I also caught a sunrise which I like to believe is a special gift for the brave who wander outdoors on purpose before the rest of the world is awake. Bonus.

Today, I encourage us both to put fear in its place and live boldly in freedom and victory.

What will you do today that scares you just a little?

Have an amazing day! Be of good courage.

Running Lessons: Temperance & Training

We completed our first long run yesterday and it was tough. Texas heat does not help and shoes with over three hundred miles plead their case for retirement at mile 4.

Temperance is a tricky concept for me. It is kin to consistency. So, after the 6 mile run, my husband and I spent the next several hours eating- and not the best things either.

This morning as I sip green tea with fresh lemon (trying to undo the street tacos from last night) I realized that I need to come up with a nutrition plan to accompany our training plan, if I don’t want to have a wrecked gut by race day.

My Gallup Strengths themes: Strategic, Restorative, & Achievement support this type of planning, but Input wants to gather every plan ever made and Intellection would like to think about all of them until next December. Meanwhile, my husband’s strengths themes: Empathy & Harmony understand and extend to grace to our lack of diet discipline. His Arranger, Communication, & Maximizer qualities are discussing things and making the best of our current situation.

Meanwhile I have a stomach ache.

We have many strengths, but discipline and consistency are not at the top of the list.

So, this morning I am going to work on a nutrition plan- again…

I would love to know how you meal plan for success!

A series: Running Lessons- Day 1

When I share my love for running with others, there are generally some who respond with a curiosity about my sanity, and then, there are some who get it.

Hear me, I love both respondents. Yet, it is the ones who understand the joys of sweating, hurting, and forcing the body and mind to near death experiences, on purpose, that are forever my people.

See, I know that those people, the runners, have first hand knowledge of the clarity of mind that comes at mile two and the bargaining that begins at the end of three, six, and again at nine. They know the patience, self-control, and tolerance that can exist while running, and how those skills support the rest of the day.

For me, running lessons have changed the way I live. In this next blog series, I want to share some of this and I hope, if you’re a runner, I will see a “me too” in the comments.

Share your lessons. I want to know what you learn out there. I hope to cultivate some connections and maybe even some accountability between people who learn things on the road through the intentional act of putting one foot in front of the other for the sake of a new t-shirt.

Full disclosure: I have been slacking off on my running this past year. Consequently, other parts of my life have suffered too. Weight and stress management for two, but more concerning are stifled idea-making, problem-solving, and creativity. My sleep has also taken a hit.

Most concerning? Not hearing from God. While running, I can’t get distracted, multitask, take a call, or respond to a child. Instead, I am more open to listen. I miss this most.

With that, today I began training for a half marathon in 12 weeks. It was a hot and slow run, but it is done.

Today’s lesson: Not every run will be noticeably life-altering. Do it anyway, because they really are.

With that, I am one day closer to my goal and chipping away at my excuse pile. Join me?

This gift was in my mailbox when I returned from my run today. Perhaps!

My Tribe

Confession: I am not much of a fan girl, but this guy, I will wait in a line to get my picture taken with him whenever I get the opportunity (and Tom Fraire happily takes the photo 😊).

I met Ed Dailey at Gold Retreat when he was not “such a big deal” no lines, just yoga on the rooftop of the hotel at sunrise with about four others. Since then, I’ve continue to follow and be inspired by his messages and teaching on wellness and nutrition on social media.

He is recovered from cancer. He did this by living better, meditating, eating well, supplementing, surrounding himself with the right people, and moving intentionally.

He is an RN, RNPA, and an RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) and a YL Ambassador.

What stands out most for me about Ed Dailey is his passion for humanity. He stated, from the stage, that it pains him to see the condition and health of humanity. He challenged us all to care deeply for one another for the benefit of a healthier world.

Unexpectedly, while waiting in line to have this picture taken, a woman near the back of the room began choking. Another woman alerted him to the situation and he ran to assist. She was already being assisted by another and was fine shortly after. However, he responded. He never paused. He just ran towards the stranger, left a line of fan people, to assist. Once the crisis was averted, he took a few deep breaths, loosened his tie, and returned to meet with us.

The first person to respond didn’t hesitate either. I am unsure whether that person was a medical professional or just a caring person who knew or successfully faked the Heimlich Maneuver.

The choking woman was fine. Startled but cared for and fine.

It’s during those critical moments that you see authentic goodness and the willingness of people to serve others. Mr. Daily and the anonymous YL Member are just two of many amazing servants of humanity at Young Living.

YL Corporate and Ambassasors are comprised of generally unique, God-honoring, people-loving, wellness geniuses, and the members are the most friendly and supportive group of people I have ever experienced. I am honored to call this my company and regularly humbled by its impact on the world.

I spent an incredible week learning, soaking up knowledge, and taking copious notes to share with you! I am deeply impacted by this week and the unique opportunity it is to be part of this organization and its people.

As YL Oilers, we do life together. We handle the hard. We take deep breaths, straighten up, and lean back into the struggle of life and re-connect. Journeys are better when accompanied by the right warriors!

Thank you for being part of this oily tribe! 💛

Gallup Strengths Finder

One of the many interests that I squeeze on my insta-bio is Gallup Coach.

Gallup is an organization that researched the characteristics, traits, or tendencies, that make up people. Gallup calls these elements talents. From research, they’ve discovered that understanding personal talents and growing them into strengths makes a positive difference in performances.

Gallup identified 34 talent themes and once assessed, an individual can see how their talents line up. This knowledge creates awareness. Strengths coaching can produce a personalized performance strategy.

Regardless of the talent themes, each person can develop strengths and improve his/her life simply by doing what they were uniquely designed to do. I coach people of all ages beginning as young as 10 years old.

This coaching design has a valuable impact on work, goal-setting, family-life, parenting, academics, and relationships. In addition, it is great for students, teachers, ministry groups, teams, and businesses.

This type of personal development can make life more meaningful and fulfilling, because clients understand how they best function and then strategize to make contributions to the world around them in a unique and natural way.

The other title on my insta-bio is professional counselor. More specifically, I am a solution-focused counselor who relies on the client to be the expert regarding his/her life. As an SF counselor, I’m simply a guide who helps the client discover what is going well and how to do more of that in life to see improvements. This practice is similar to strengths-based coaching, as it focuses on what people do well instead of working on what they do not.

Perspective changes things!

Personally, Strengths Finder helped me determine how I wanted to spend my life. I don’t live within conventional roles for my professional life any longer. Instead, with my Gallup Strengths Coach, I work to develop a life that makes sense for me and my unique design. Now, my life and insta-bio are full of things I am passionate about and can make a living doing!

Do you live a life you love? How did you make that happen?

If not yet, I would love to help you take the next step! Let’s connect.

Even if…

But God, when You choose

To leave mountains unmovable

Oh give me the strength to be able to sing

It is well with my soul- Even If by Mercy Me

We let our Harmony go today after four days of parvo treatment with no improvement and newly developing sepsis.

As I shared earlier this month, Harmony was part of our dream to help others create a life they love. She was a beautiful curly puppy with a kind heart, who was responding remarkably to training. We loved her immediately and others did too. She even had over 250 followers, after only three days on Instagram.

So, when the parvo test came back positive, I immediately began to pray. I called on every person I knew who would carry a prayer for a puppy and know that she was so much more to us than just a pet.

Harmony fought for four and half days with the best care available. Although this was not in our budget, we knew we had to try and give her a chance to live. Selfishly, I was also not ready to let her go.

With fists clenched, I begged God to let us keep her.

Harmony was part of our dream and sometimes things don’t work out with dreams. This is one of those times. Honestly, it is easy to get angry and to ask why when that which brings us joy is senselessly ripped away.

Still, I know that God is good. I know that He is here with us through it all, and He will be here tomorrow too. Even if, the answer is no or not right now, I trust that Lord knows our pain and is using it for something we can’t see today.

Just moments before the call about Harmony’s decline, I found out my professional state license for counseling had been issued. This was a long and difficult process that was another obstacle for our practice. This victory did not fix the pain I experienced regarding Harmony, but it did help me see that I’m still on the right path.

Eyes on God.

I’m grateful. Even today, a pretty dark day, with sad kids, and abandoned chew toys, I’m grateful. We had enough time to love Harmony so well, that we are deeply heartbroken to have lost her. Love that big is worth having, even if, only for a little while.