Running Lessons: Mariposa Crossover

I’ve been on rest and reset mode the last couple of weeks regarding both running and writing- but I have not quit!

This past weekend we went to the Mariposa Festival here in Fort Worth. It is fascinating to learn that the Monarch Butterfly travels from Canada to Mexico every year pollenating along the way.

This got me to thinking. This tiny creature has a big job. What if it decided to quit? Without its migration, there would be no pollination of plants, fruit or flowers in the spring, monarchs to see in October, nor festivals to celebrate them.

The following day we completed a six mile run. It was faster than the last which was a victory, but we are substantially behind schedule. Still, we are enjoying the journey and all it has to teach us along the way.

So far, I’ve learned my health needs more than exercise. I knew this, but sometimes we need to experience truths for them to settle in completely. So, for three weeks I have been eating a mostly vegan diet and taking the Cleansing Trio from Young Living. I’ve also stopped coffee for a bit to let my adrenals rest and re-nourish. Oils like Endoflex, Nutmeg, and EnerGee are helping too.

Mostly, I’m learning how important small efforts are in relation to our lives and the world. I mean maybe only a handful of people read these posts, but that handful matters. You matter. Besides, with each post, I grow too!

Nothing occurs without impact, not even from the tiniest creatures. So, no matter how small the job, if it is yours- don’t quit!

Photo Credit 📷: Tom Fraire

Elderberry Syrup Time- Be well.

Do you love Elderberry Syrup?

I have to admit, when I first saw the Pinterest phenomenon surrounding this Syrup, I wondered how big of a difference it would make for my family. Another healthy fall and winter season later, and I am hooked.

We prepare our house against illness and arm ourselves with the best nutrients we can get. We diffuse, apply, and take Young Living essential oils internally. We drink our Ningxia. We reduce sugar consumption and now we take our Elderberry Syrup. This is an easy way to get the oils in our bodies, with added immune supporting nutrition, in one quick tablespoon. Big to littlest in the house have no issues taking this sweet syrup.

Our bodies need antioxidants, immune supporting oils, and Vitamin C. Why you ask? Because toxins, environment, germs and people with germs!

I have already received a couple of messages regarding Day Care and Back to School Nose and requests for Elderberry Syrup. So, because I care about your health, here is my easy to make recipe!

These ingredient go in the pot:

(No Instant Pot? No problem simply boil on stove and simmer like tea until reduced by half.)

8 ounces of whole dried organic Elderberries (remove stems & seeds)

2 cinnamon stick

1 fresh organic lemon

6 cups water

Set Instant Pot to High Pressure (Manual) for 9 minutes. Release steam.

Once cooled to luke warm strain. Press out as much juice as you can with a wooden spoon or cheesecloth. Toss the berries.

Then mix in these ingredients:

2 cups raw local honey

2 drops each of Young Living:








Transfer to and Store in glass container in the refrigerator. I am not sure how long they last since we drink every drop within about three months.

Makes 3- 8 oz bottles.

**I’ve adapted this recipe from a collection of others on the web.

Running Lessons- Rest. Don’t Quit

It’s been a rough start this school year.

I mean I work my Young Living business and see clients regularly, but I make the hours for these gigs. I set the pace. School on the other hand…

When school ended in May,  I had 2.5 months off with my kids. The days filled mostly with late morning breakfasts, swimming, gym-time, and eating frozen yogurt on the regular. Then BAM– August hit, and I was back in the saddle with full-time adulting. TA work, PhD Homework, dinner preps, early mornings, and all the food packing issues are now daily demands.

If I am being honest, some of the first things I wanted to ditch was this blog and the half-marathon training. I mean, who really wants to read this blog anyway? Who would notice if I decided to quit running? Would it really matter? Perhaps, it’s even wise to quit- you know? Rest. Present over perfect. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Turns out, I can totally quit if I want to, but here’s the thing- I don’t. I made a commitment to myself to consistently run and write. Not for achievement sake, but to attempt something I knew I may NOT do incredibly well, on purpose, and to give myself the grace to do it anyway. To ENJOY it. After all, I chose these tasks because they bring me joy and clarity in my often too hectic world. The publication of these efforts? I mean, I could totally write and not have a blog. Still, because I work from home and my regular conversations are with two really cute but verbally non-responsive dogs, I crave community and connection.

I absolutely love that I have an online community of like-minded people who are always on a journey to live well. So, it is here, that I share these tiny offerings of noticing, with the hope that we might connect on some level and encourage one another.

More on quitting.

Last Sunday, we headed out for an 8-mile run. The weather was awesome, and the run was good. We made it to mile 7 and then I stopped. At that moment, I realized that resting is okay and it is not the same as quitting. This may seem over-simplified and obvious to some, but for me, I am historically an all or nothing kind of player. I’m a rule follower and have Achiever in my Top Five Gallup Strengths. Still, I am discovering that I have the freedom to change the rules at any time and that I set my own bar for achievement- especially in tasks like running for fun for Pete’s sake!

This Sunday, I ran 2 miles. My body was achy, my mind scattered, and my day too full. So, I rested, oiled, and nourished my very tired self.

But I ran! I set the pace.

Today, my noticing is that resting is better than quitting. My reasons are still formulating. One that is clear is that I have kept a commitment to myself. It dawned on me, when life got busy the first thing I was tempted to put down, were things I had promised myself. The more I live, the more I realize how valuable the commitments I make to myself are, and how these commitments directly impact who I want to become. In contrast, I don’t want to happen upon a life that chaos brought forth. I’ve had both, and I undoubtedly prefer the life I choose.

So, this week I encourage you to keep going. Rest; don’t quit. You can do this!

Live a life you love.

Our last summer date night.

Running Lesson- Be Present

I’ve been on a bit of break from writing, but I have been maintaining my runs. Today was a long one, which was six hot sweaty slow miles.

While running, I couldn’t help but list in my mind all of the things that I should’ve done last week.

The Should’ve Done List:

  • Gone to yoga
  • Read more to get ahead for next week
  • Eaten cereal instead of fast food tacos that night after class
  • Drank less coffee
  • Ordered Ningxia sooner
Road Behind

Then, about mile 3, I realized I was categorizing the in the wrong direction. I mean, I can’t go back. How was shoulding on myself a productive use of this beautiful run?

Much of the work I do with clients in my counseling practice involves past events and the regrets that have followed. Some of the work is anxiety about the future often based on past events.

This got me to thinking. If we continue to look back in regret, do we miss the enthusiasm for the good that might be up ahead while simultaneously missing the joy in the present?

What might staying present have looked like instead during those first three miles of mustabatory thinking?


A Doing List:

  • Observing nature
  • Enjoying a playlist I chose
  • Breathing deeply
  • Mindful gratitude
  • Feeling fine
  • Worship

The irony does not escape me. I do see that I’m currently making a Should’ve List for my Doing List. But hear me out, I am hoping to create more awareness about the present and all it has to offer.

Yoga is helpful but it can become a chore for me especially during busy times.

It is definitely more than asana.

With my wiring, staying present takes practice, grace, and the creation and appreciation of space, time, and opportunities.

I will definitely be on the lookout. Passively of course.

What do you do to stay present?

Road Ahead

Running Lessons- Cross-training


There is a day in my training schedule that calls for cross-training. Confession- I did not do this well my during training for my last half-marathon. I did a bit of yoga but that was it.

This time around I have included indoor cycling. Last winter we discovered Peleton and I fell in love with the classes, music, and instructors. Specifically, Ally Love. This lady is an inspiration and I find myself thinking of her words throughout my day too.

“Yes or yes?” She asks and this helps me stay on track and not quit even when my legs are burning and my eyes are filled with sweat. Then, later in the day, those same words help me do the things, adult, and get my life done.

Yes and yes, I also realize that this is a bit of a bougie bike, and no we are not rich. But, I felt that investing in something that improves our health and mind was worth it! And, it has been.

As for effectiveness, both Tom and I have felt really good on our long runs, and I have noticed less joint pain. I imagine this is due to the variety of motion I get now in my cardio sessions.

Today, I will be heading out for a run and tomorrow yoga. Funny thing is now that I follow the schedule, I’m not running all the time to train for running.

The goal of cross-training is to improve overall performance.

This got me to thinking.

Everything we do in life is actually cross-training for our other activities. What I learn in yoga I use in life. I breathe through difficulty and stretch myself mindfully to avoid harm. Eating teaches me the power of choice and temperance. Friendships teach me the beauty of connection, sameness, difference, and a hundreds of other meaningful things I couldn’t possibly capture here or maybe not even in words.

This week I’ve been back at school. Specifically, I started a class regarding human systems. From what I’ve learned so far, everything is connected and no action within a system goes without impact.

I’m venturing to say this concept as a construct is the reason for mindfulness in regard to our actions. Or perhaps it’s because of this concept that there is something to for which to be mindful.

See what I did there?

Some might call this overthinking. Gallup Strengths might call this Input and Intellection. Both could be correct.

For me, today, I believe it might be better described as savoring each moment of my existence in this divinely orchestrated universe.

In which types of cross-training do you participate?

Magnolia: The Rescue

We adopted the sweetest 8 month old puppy yesterday! Magnolia is believed to be a mix of Great Pyrenees and Australian Shepherd and she is smart, obedient, and fits right in here.

Many of you may remember the loss of our puppy Harmony in June. Harmony was a planned and purchased pet. She was specifically chosen for her breed’s characteristics, and we had a vision for her to become an assistive therapy dog for my counseling practice.

But parvo.

Following Harmony’s loss, we continued to take her sister, Willow, to training which they had started together. Since Jonah, my 10 year old, is Willow’s trainer. I spent my time waiting for them walking through Petsmart and it’s rescue shelter.

I wasn’t necessarily looking to fill Harmony’s spot. I was just curious, but quickly overwhelmed by all of the little faces in cages. Following a difficult puppy-free exit, I began googling and reading more about animal adoption and rescues.

Turns out, Harmony’s breed, Goldendoodle, has a rescue center filled with puppies to seniors, who need homes. The more I looked, I discovered rescues across North Texas and beyond whose sole reason for existing is to identify specific breeds in shelters, rehabilitate them, teach them love and good manners, and then conduct a strict process for rehoming these sweet abandoned pups.

I had no idea.

I will spare you the hundreds of horror stories I encountered, but if you are curious, simply google pet rescues or click on some of the links in this post. There is a rescue for most any breed of dog you can think of and they don’t stop there. Cats, bunnies, donkeys

You name it.

I was heavily convicted about our failure as a human race to properly care for the animals with whom we share this planet. I won’t get preachy and have no right at all to judge, but I can tell you, I’m not the same regarding the way I see animal ownership any longer.

From this divinely designed experience, I realized Harmony never really belonged to us, but rather we had the privilege of caring for her and all of the joys, and yes sorrows, that came with that.

We had a hole in our family and in our hearts from the loss of Harmony. Although she can’t be replaced, the truth was we had room for one of these sweet abandoned animals. We have love, hope, and healing that could easily flow out to another little spirit.

Back to Magnolia.

When Magnolia was just a few months old she was found wandering a roadside with broken hip. Thankfully, SPIN rescue organization took her in, paid for the surgery she needed, and nursed her back to health.

Her full story is here.

We spotted Ziggy, now Magnolia, on the SPIN website and inquired. After a long application, home visit, reference and vet checks, we were approved to meet her. Ziggy/Magnolia’s foster mom/rescue/hero brought her to us to ensure our current dog and home was a good fit for her.

Ziggy/Magnolia ran right in the house and found the one toy Harmony had left behind. She won our hearts and said goodbye to her foster mom.

Magnolia is home and we are so grateful.

She was not planned, we have no experience with this breed, and the timing is not logical with school starting tomorrow. Still, I am confident she was meant for our family. She rescued us!

Side note:

Interestingly, today is Clear the Shelters day in North Texas. This means adoption fees are waived and many pets will be adopted. Knowing what I do now about the return and discard rate following these types of events, my prayer is that the right furever families show up for these animals today.

If you are looking for a pet, I would love to share what I’ve learned about adopting a rescue. Magnolia is house trained, slept through the night, is incredibly loving, and has been a perfect addition to our family. She has a bit of recovery left on her hip but we’ve already ordered YL Sulfurzyme and Animalscents Mendwell to help support that process!

Here are some other rescues we worked with to find our furever pup:

Allie’s Haven

Doodle Rock Rescue

Doodle Dandy Rescue

Running Lessons: Planning

The school year is upon us and our family schedules are changing.

During vacation months, I enjoy the time with my kids but simultaneously want more order and structure. So, the end of the summer is generally both sad and exciting for me. See, the fall quickly provides that structure in which I thrive, but it also creates an empty house.

As my family heads back to school, my daily company becomes Willow our black lab. I see clients on weekends and attend classes for my doctoral program in the evening, making my schedule opposite to that of my people.

Wellness will require some planning. Less sugar for healthy bodies, warm potted meals due to less produce and prep-time, and supporting immune systems and spirits with warm scents of Young Living Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg, Ginger, and Thieves. Even when I’m gone I can leave these investments for my family.

Running during this season is a perfect reminder for how to adapt.

The trees lead by example and remind me to change gracefully, conserve energy, and shed unnecessary attachments. The cooler temps remind me to add useful layers and purpose to connect with others to stay warm. Rising heat in the afternoons, remind me that the summer will be back sooner than I expect.


Next week, I will begin taking later morning runs and eating earlier dinners. Both will be alone, as I we all complete another semester.

I am preparing my heart for this gift. I know it’s exactly what we need. Still, I am grieving another summer, another year with my small but growing boy and the young lady who is no longer little. Meanwhile, celebrating and still missing the oldest whose away at college. I know time can’t stand still, but I wonder if has to go so fast?

Gratitude and praise.

Here’s to another school year. May it bring friendships, knowledge, health, opportunities for service and a gentle practice of training through change.

How are you preparing for fall?