Running Lessons: Planning

The school year is upon us and our family schedules are changing.

During vacation months, I enjoy the time with my kids but simultaneously want more order and structure. So, the end of the summer is generally both sad and exciting for me. See, the fall quickly provides that structure in which I thrive, but it also creates an empty house.

As my family heads back to school, my daily company becomes Willow our black lab. I see clients on weekends and attend classes for my doctoral program in the evening, making my schedule opposite to that of my people.

Wellness will require some planning. Less sugar for healthy bodies, warm potted meals due to less produce and prep-time, and supporting immune systems and spirits with warm scents of Young Living Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg, Ginger, and Thieves. Even when I’m gone I can leave these investments for my family.

Running during this season is a perfect reminder for how to adapt.

The trees lead by example and remind me to change gracefully, conserve energy, and shed unnecessary attachments. The cooler temps remind me to add useful layers and purpose to connect with others to stay warm. Rising heat in the afternoons, remind me that the summer will be back sooner than I expect.


Next week, I will begin taking later morning runs and eating earlier dinners. Both will be alone, as I we all complete another semester.

I am preparing my heart for this gift. I know it’s exactly what we need. Still, I am grieving another summer, another year with my small but growing boy and the young lady who is no longer little. Meanwhile, celebrating and still missing the oldest whose away at college. I know time can’t stand still, but I wonder if has to go so fast?

Gratitude and praise.

Here’s to another school year. May it bring friendships, knowledge, health, opportunities for service and a gentle practice of training through change.

How are you preparing for fall?

Running Lessons- Less is more?

Yesterday was a short run. Fun, not too difficult, and quick. I know it did it’s part for increasing my metabolism based on the intense hunger that followed too.

I did my best to stay on a healthy eating plan. Here’s the thing, I struggle when I don’t have a food plan. I know eliminating food groups is a bit extreme and generally is not maintainable based on my many failed attempts at becoming vegan, vegetarian, paleo, keto, a blood-type dieter, etc…

Still, when I am able to eat anything, no foods eliminated, I struggle with weight management. Less food options, means less to work through in my head when I’m hungry or hangry for that matter.

Oh and God love the 21 Day Fixes and Whole 30s, that provide results and then frustration. Remember my struggle with temperance and consistency ?

So, struggles in mind, I have been working on sustaining a Paleo meal plan with more plants than protein. I feel best when grain-free, and too much protein is not good on my system either. I’ve done pretty well for the last three days.

Then, about 9:30 pm last night Skinny Pop and dairy-free Halo Top beckoned my attention. Not paleo. I guess the good news is it wasn’t chips and Dairy Queen?

The struggle is real. I love to eat!

I think it might be time for some Aroma Freedom to retrain my brain. Stay tuned.

How do you stay fueled without fattening up when training?

Running Lessons: Temperance & Training

We completed our first long run yesterday and it was tough. Texas heat does not help and shoes with over three hundred miles plead their case for retirement at mile 4.

Temperance is a tricky concept for me. It is kin to consistency. So, after the 6 mile run, my husband and I spent the next several hours eating- and not the best things either.

This morning as I sip green tea with fresh lemon (trying to undo the street tacos from last night) I realized that I need to come up with a nutrition plan to accompany our training plan, if I don’t want to have a wrecked gut by race day.

My Gallup Strengths themes: Strategic, Restorative, & Achievement support this type of planning, but Input wants to gather every plan ever made and Intellection would like to think about all of them until next December. Meanwhile, my husband’s strengths themes: Empathy & Harmony understand and extend to grace to our lack of diet discipline. His Arranger, Communication, & Maximizer qualities are discussing things and making the best of our current situation.

Meanwhile I have a stomach ache.

We have many strengths, but discipline and consistency are not at the top of the list.

So, this morning I am going to work on a nutrition plan- again…

I would love to know how you meal plan for success!


Ok it’s confession time. 

I am a YL oiler but I am also human. I eat Hot Cheetos and fast food from time to time. I sometimes drink wine, eat chocolate, and consume too much dairy, gluten, red meat, coffee, and sugar- the shame!

More often than not, I do my best, to feed my family and myself real food, well sourced and local when available; but I have several lingering questionable habits from my college days of working at the bar and eating dinner out of the garnish tray or off the appetizer menu. 

Overall, I’m a healthy woman over 40. 

So, how do I get away with all of these nutritional no-nos? Simple. Moderation, intentional movement, and supplements to help cleanse and support my body.

My favorites? Here’s my shopping list:

  1. Ningxia Red- super antioxidant drink that gives me the perfect amount of energy and immune system support. 
  2. Super B- energy, mood and immune system support. 
  3. Longevity- antioxidant; flushes out the wine and bad food choices, while supporting the immune system.
  4. Omegagize- the highest quality fish oil I can buy. Brain, skin, hair, and joint support. 
  5. And many, many bottles of Young Living essential oils for my skin, immune system, sports injuries, and mood/sleep support. 
  6. Life 5- excellent quality probiotic; keeps my stomach happy and supports my immune system.
  7. Protein Complete shakes to start every day right!

As you probably noticed, my systems are super supported! This is good news. Working two jobs and raising a family takes lots of energy, stamina, and a strong immune system. My YL supplements keep me supported and happy. My family benefits from the extra support too!

Give yourself a little grace, good food, and YL supplements.