Harmony Yoga

Purposeful movement is another valuable part of living well.

Eleven years ago, I found Steve Ross and yoga on Oxygen cable television. Although the rest of my life was incredibly out of balance, I found myself craving time on my new purple yoga mat and discovered at the end of each practice, I was a little bit different.

With practice, amazing teachers, great spaces, and eventually yoga teacher training, I grew to love sharing yoga and all of the benefits that come with the lifestyle.

My practice opens with intention setting, then centering, on to yin and release, then to a spicy vinyasa flow. Balancing poses and a challenge pose enter at the peak of the practice. Finally, I close with re-alignment and rest. The entire practice is set to music, hence the name Harmony Yoga.

I hope to meet the struggles I see on and off the mat with grace, life-giving breath, strength, submission, and courage in Him.

May you find your best practice.